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In order to provide an excellent workshop experience for your students or group, we need adequate time to prepare for your workshop.  For this reason, please review the following when requesting a workshop from the University Career Center:

  • There must be at least two weeks' notice from the time of the request to the time of the workshop.
  • If you are requesting a custom designed workshop, please contact Wendy Shoemaker at 785-864-9550 or wshoe@ku.edu to discuss your request.  The UCC needs at least three weeks notice to create this type of workshop.
  • If you want several topics combined into one presentation, please be aware that this is a custom designed workshop and you must contact Wendy Shoemaker to discuss your request.
  • You must guarantee at least six interested students will be in attendance.

UCC presentations are fast-moving and engaged learning experiences that motivate learners to explore more after their time with us ends. Workshops are 50 minutes long, unless otherwise noted. Please read the following descriptions before making your workshop selection:

Presentation descriptions:

Overview of UCC Services: 15-20 minutes - Brief overview of UCC services, resources and events combined with brief tips for career success

Careers for Specific Majors: Workshop covers career planning process overview, possible career paths, strategies for increasing career success, and UCC resources

Academics to Career - Making the Connection: Addresses common concerns students have about majors, strategies and tools to help you make career decisions, and understanding the connection between majors and careers. Designed for freshman and sophomore audiences.

How to Attend a Career Fair: Benefits of attending a career fair, strategies for how to prepare properly, information about what to do the day of the event, and tips on how to follow up after the event

Interviewing: Preparation techniques, strategies for the day of the interview, answering techniques, strategies for following up after the interview, and other post-interview strategies

Job Search: Tips and strategies on professional job searching ranging from successful search strategies to social media usage

Resumes: Guidelines for building and editing your resume including tailoring it to a specific job description, what can and should not go on a resume, and overall formatting tips and tricks

Social Media/Online Networking: Discover why having a positive online presence is important, managing social media accounts, and career exploration and job search tips

Navigating Networking Events: Tips and strategies on taking the work out of networking including embracing new experiences, crafting an introduction, awareness of body language, engaging in genuine conversation, and how to follow through after attending an event

Finding Internships: Interactive program exploring the importance of internships, resources for finding opportunities and preparation tips for upcoming campus events

Professionalism: Addresses professional behavior related to workplace interaction and engagement, communication, and professional attire

Part-time jobs: Learn where to find part-time jobs, both on- and off-campus and get a basic introduction to creating a resume and cover letter for applications

Personal Branding: Interactive program exploring the importance of creating, developing and maintaining your personal brand with an emphasis on online presence and personal identity


***Note if you would like a customized presentation that is different from the options provided, please contact Wendy Shoemaker, wshoe@ku.edu or 785-864-3624, to discuss your request.

University Career Center
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More than 500 students enroll in career classes annually
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