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The Department of Dance through the KU School of the Arts offers a BFA or BA degree in dance with integrated training in ballet, modern, and jazz dance techniques, as well as courses in choreography, dance theory, history and pedagogy. Majors in the BFA program focus on technique, performance and choreography. They are also required to take classes in Classical East Indian Dance, Musical Theatre Dance, Introduction to Flamenco, and Conditioning and Injury Prevention for Dancers.

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Sample of Related Skills

  • Understand  the artistic and technical elements of physical expression that lead to performance artistry and will attain and/or maintain a technical proficiency of multiple dance styles
  • Acquire the basic principles of choreography
  • Develop a reflective and critical awareness of the research methodologies available in the specialized fields in Dance Studies.
  • Understand the importance of dance in a cultural setting

Popular Career Paths

Choreography: Involves the art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form or both are specified. It also refers to the design of a dance.

Dance Administration: Includes all aspects of running a business in the dance industry. Jobs may include skills such as management, booking, public relations, and grant specializations.

Dance Therapy: Centers on the power of physical movement to provide therapy in a mental or physiological aspect as well as the proper upkeep of professional dancers.

Education: Focuses on the training and teaching of new dancers as well as professional dancers. This can include private tutoring, dance studio ownership, college professor, or K-12 teacher.

Performance: Involves pursuing a career that focuses on the applied aspect of dance.

Explore More Career Paths

Jobs to Consider

Artistic Director

Ballet Mistress/Master


Costume Designer


Dance Critic

Dance Company Manager

Dance Studio Owner

Dance Therapist

Dance Writer

Production Manager

Talent Agent


Tour Manager

Stage Manager

Places to Seek Employment

Ballet Companies

Dance Companies

Dance Studios

Dance Camps

Entertainment Companies

National Endowment for the Arts

Performing Arts Centers

Recreation Facilities


Theatre Companies

Theme Parks

Touring Companies

Treatment/Counseling Centers

University Theatre/Dance Troupes

Wellness/Alternative Health Care Centers

View specific employers by state.

Employment Strategies

  1. Identify specializations that interest you most and pursue courses and experiences that allow you to explore these interests further.
  2. Become familiar with the required professional qualifications (i.e. advanced degrees, licensure and/or certifications) for occupations you are considering.
  3. Gain direct experience within the areas that interest you most through research projects, independent study, internships, part-time jobs, student organization involvement, or volunteering.
  4. Register for and subscribe to the Internship Newsletter to receive automated weekly emails with specific internship information.
  5. Consider joining a professional organization in dance to broaden your network.
  6. Earn a minor or take additional coursework outside your major when relevant to your career goals.
  7. Consider getting involved with a student organization at KU related to your area of interest: The University Dance Company, Dancesport KU, and Swing Society at KU.

Job and Internship Search Resources

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